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The 1991 Limón earthquake, the greatest recorded event in the country of Mw 7.6, left a death toll of 48 and economic losses reaching $100 million USD. unstudied lateral spreading case histories from the 1991 Limon, Costa Rica, earthquake, thus greatly increasing the number of case histories available to researchers. 1991 Limon earthquake. More recently, the Mw 6.1 Cinchona earthquake caused 40 fatalities and more than $500 million USD in damage. Fetching list of earthquakes. Description of the Earthquake At 1558 h on 22 April 1991, an earthquake measuring 7.4 (Richter scale) struck in the Limon Province of Costa Rica, on the eastern Caribbean coast. 7.6 magnitude earthquake. Largest earthquake ever recorded in Costa Rica caused the M=5.7 Alajuela earthquake on December 22, 1990. The NPDB becomes a shear zone that cuts inland across central Costa Rica and forms the northern boundary of the … Enter a year from 1900 to 2020 Search. limon, costa rica earthquake april 22, 1991 14:56 pot san jose - guatuso accelerogram bandpass-filtered with ramps at .10-.20 to 23.0-25.0 hz. 1991-04-22 21:56:51 UTC at 21:56 April 22, 1991 UTC Location: Epicenter at 9.685, -83.073 34.2 km from Limón (21.2 miles) Coast Of Costa Rica. The April 22, 1991 Telire-Limon earthquake (Ms=7.5) caused considerable damage in Costa Rica and Panamá. 22 April 1991: 1991 Limon earthquake: Croatia 6.3 M L: 9 November 1880: 1880 Zagreb earthquake: Cuba 7.5 –7.9 M s: 21 June 1900: List of earthquakes in Cuba: Cyprus 7.0: 11 May 1222: 1222 Cyprus earthquake: Czech Republic 4.8: 23 December 1985: Democratic Republic of the Congo 6.8: A powerful earthquake rolled through Costa Rica and Panama on Monday, killing at least 19 people, toppling office buildings and bridges and destroying hundreds of homes. Río Savegre, San Gerardo de Dota, Cordillera de Talamanca, Costa Rica . Th0 kme epicenter of the This massive earthquake caused the destruction of many buildings, roads, and even coral reefs. The earthquake reached a magnitude of 4/22/1991. The Limon Earthquake (1991): Regional Geologic Setting The following data are after Protti and Schwartz (1994) , Fan et al. In the aftermath of large earthquakes in South America, small tsunami waves did manage to hit Costa Rican shores. 1991 Limon earthquake. The second largest recorded tsunami along the Caribbean margin of Central America occurred 25 years ago. In the northwest, sites west of the volcanic arc are moving to the NW as a forearc sliver. The document focuses on earthquake damage to water and oil pipelines, water supply, and water treatment following the 22 April 1991 Costa Rica Earthquake. But to date, no large-scale tsunami has been recorded in Costa Rica. The epicenter of the 7.8 Mw earthquake was in Pandora, Valle La Estrella, in the Caribbean region of Limon, Costa Rica, 225 kilometres northeast of San José. On April 22nd, 1991, an earthquake with magnitude Mw 7.6 ruptured along the thrust faults that form the North Panamá Deformed Belt (NPDB). Depth: 10 km. It had a dept of circa 10 km and a Mercalli intensity of IX (violent). The Limon-Pandora area had the most damage done to it. On April 22, 1991, at 21:56:51.7 UTC a large earthquake (Mw = 7.7) occurred in southeast Costa Rica, near Valle de la Estrella ( Fig. This earthquake is on the map of South America and The Caribbean and Central America and is close to: Panama Costa Rica Border. 18.1 ). (1993) , and Barquero and Rojas (1991) . The 1991 Limon Earthquake. Strombolian eruption at Volcán Arenal, Costa Rica (1995), and coseismic coastal uplift at Cahuita, Costa Rica from the M 7.6 Limón earthquake (1991) WATERSHEDS & RIVERS . The earth-quake resulted from the subduction of the Caribbean tectonic plate under the Coco plate (Figure 1) and affected approximately 10,002. TECTONICS & EARTHQUAKES . The 1991 Limon Earthquake. The 1991 Costa Rica earthquake, also known as Limon Earthquake or Bocas del Toro earthquake, occurred at 3:57 pm local time on April 22, 1991. Franke and Rollins recently performed geotechnical investiga- tions at five Costa Rica bridge sites that were damaged in the 1991 event. On April22, 1991, 15:56 local time, the Caribbean region of Costa Rica and the western part of Panama were struck by a major earthquake. 1996 Costa Rica earthquake: 1996-09-04: 5.8 1991 Limon earthquake: 1991-04-22 21:56:51 UTC Limon-Pandora area 7.6 IX 10 km According to the USGS: "Forty-seven people killed, 109 injured, 7,439 homeless and severe damage (IX) in the Limon-Pandora area. The 1991 Limon earthquake ruptured a listric fault with a hypocenter at ∼ 24km depth, on a flat detachment, which steepened sharply offshore ( Suarez et al., 1995). At least 10 people were killed and scores were missing, while at … The 1991 Limon Ms7.6 earthquake, recorded strong-motion duration 26.6 s and maximum MM intensity XI. The colorful mix is like a spicy gumbo in Costa Rica’s otherwise more … The Telire-Limon Earthquake, with a magnitude 7.5 (Ms), occurred at 15:57 local time on April 22, 1991. Like many of its regional neighbours, it owes its growth to coffee and banana plantations, while in fairly recent years, a 1991 earthquake caused considerable damage in the region. On April 22,1991, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.7 occurred along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. On April 22, 1991, a large earthquake (M w = 7.7) occurred along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and western Panama.The rupture area of the fault mapped from the aftershocks is 45×85 km 2;.The distribution of aftershocks and the local geological record suggest that faulting occurred on a blind thrust sheet that shallows toward the northeast. Friday, April 22, 1991 was the 25th anniversary of the biggest recorded earthquake (temblor in Spanish) in the history of Costa Rica. Indigenous peoples of the Caribbean coast include Bri Bri and Cabecar. 1991 Limon earthquake epicenter (Google Maps). In fact, we can say that Limon's northern plain, down to 32 ft, was submerged during the Flandrian marine transgression 6500 years ago, and has since emerged with the help of positive neotectonics, as demonstrated by the 1991 Limon earthquake that raised the land 3-5 ft in some places (Figure 7.27). Close to 3OOOKm2 were affected by soil liquefaction, which occured extensively in the Caribbean lowlands of Limón province (Matina, Moin, Banano, In history, Puerto Limon has forged a distinct Caribbean look and feel, with many traditional Caribbean buildings and monuments. The Limón, Costa Rica earthquake of April 22, 1991: Back arc thrusting and collisional tectonics in a subduction environment LOCAL TIME (21.55 GMT) ON MONDAY, 22 APRIL. On the 23rd April 1991 IRC responded to a request made by the Costa Rican Comisión Nacional de Emergencias following an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale. This 7.7 Mw earthquake actual had its epicenter in Costa Rica, but a majority of the fatalities occurred in Panama. The April 22, 1991 Telire-Limon earthquake (Ms=7.5) caused considerable damage in Costa Rica and Panamá. Intensity X was observed in some zones of liquefaction within the epicentral area. In the south, velocity vectors are consistent with motion of the Panama Block plus postseismic deformation following the 1991 Limon earthquake, and interseismic strain due to partial locking of the Middle America Trench (MAT) thrust. The quake occurred on 22 April, 1991, at 15:57 local time (21:57 UTC). Title: Liquefaction, Ground Failure, and Consequent Damage During the 22 April 1991 Costa Rica Earthquake Creator(s): Youd, T. Leslie. A POWERFUL EARTHQUAKE HIT COSTA RICA AND NORTHERN PANAMA AT 15.55 HRS. The moment magnitude 7.5 earthquake occurred approximately 40 km south-southwest of Limon, and resulted in a coseismic uplift of up to 1.5 meters along Costa Rica's east coast. The earthquake triggered a tsunami that affected the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and Panamá within few minutes, generating two casualties. At this Tsunami on 04/22/1991 no losses of human lifes have been registered. Workers from China and other Caribbean islands also were contracted for the railroad, which was destroyed in the 1991 Limon earthquake. 47-87 dead. During the 1991 quake, many residents and officials said, the biggest problem was the communication breakdown, but U.S. tourist Janet Weil from the earthquake prone U.S. city of San Francisco, who survived the 1989 earthquake there, praised the Tico response in 1991. The activity culminated with the event of interest to this work: the Limon-Telire earthquake. Costa Rica has experienced a considerable amount of violent earthquakes during the last four decades. … The quake occurred on 22 April, 1991, at 15:57 local time (21:57 UTC). A 1991 earthquake in Limón produced only small waves on the Caribbean coast. Key words: Seismicity, seismotectonics, tectonics, faulting, plate boundary, crustal deformation, earthquakes… 4.3 magnitude earthquake 2019-12-24 01:45:35 UTC at 01:45 December 24, 2019 UTC Location: Epicenter at 9.514, -81.963 30.2 km from Isla Bastimentos (18.2 miles) the 1991 M w 7.6 Limon earthquake [Plafker and Ward, 1992]. 80060-55730-91239.01 050595 .0847-ql91a060. Seismicity, faulting and crustal deformation are not consistent with erlier interpretations of an east-northeast oriented strike-slip tectonic boundary in the area. A powerful earthquake struck Costa Rica today, with the brunt of its force felt in this coastal city.

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