Our services are not covered by OHIP, but many extended health insurance plans cover a portion of the costs. Before contacting us, it can be helpful to find out the following information from your extended health insurance provider:

  • How much funding is available for psychological/psychotherapeutic services?
  • Is a G.P. referral required?
  • Do services need to be provided by a psychologist, or can they be provided by a mental health practitioner who is being supervised by a psychologist?

Eligible individuals may also have their services paid for by:


We welcome self-referrals, as well as referrals from other health care professionals. As mentioned above, we do not require a referral from your doctor but some insurance companies may require one before they reimburse you.

Method of Payment

Payment in the form of cash or cheque is expected at the end of each session, unless other terms have been arranged with your therapist. We are not able to accept payment through debit or credit cards.

A receipt will be issued at the time of payment. Our services are exempt from GST and qualify as a medical expense for income tax purposes. Hourly rates are established by each therapist.

Cancellation Policy

To avoid being charged for a missed session, clients are requested to provide their therapist with 24 hours notice if they are unable to make a scheduled appointment

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