Our Team

We are pleased to introduce you to our mental health care team:

Dr. Lori de Laplante, C. Psych.

Dr. Lori de Laplante is a holistically-oriented Psychologist with a practice in clinical, health and rehabilitation psychology. In addition to offering treatment for general psychological issues, she provides assessment and treatment to adults who have been negatively impacted by physical health issues and emotional traumas.

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EllieĀ Kanigsberg, OT Reg. (Ont)

Ellie Kanigsberg is an Occupational Therapist with an exclusive practice in psychotherapy. With her years of experience at the Ottawa Anxiety and Trauma Clinic and the Centre for Treatment of Sexual Abuse and Childhood Trauma, she provides specialized treatment for adults suffering from complex trauma, anxiety and dissociative disorders.

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In addition to providing psychological and psychotherapeutic services, we conduct seminars and workshops and provide clinical supervision to other mental health practitioners in our respective areas of expertise.

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